About KeyValue

KeyValue Software Systems is a product development start-up, building highly scalable web and enterprise class software with a team of engineers specialized in Core Product Development.

We have the single-most vision of being the best product development start-up from India and to reach it, we have a single strategy: That of creating the Best of all Talent Pools and the Best of all Work Environments ever possible!!

In our belief, every man is truly the owner of his/her work, his craft and can do the best when each sailor sailing on our ship can see the horizon that we all are sailing towards. For us, the best talents are the open-minded, ever-learning and all-embracing ones. We create, live and code on the cloud.

We are in search of DevOps Engineers with superb tech capabilities and excellent strategizing techniques.

What you will do:

  • End-to-end managing and monitoring of infrastructure in the cloud
  • You will be responsible for designing and automating deployment of products in the cloud
  • Deploy and manage robust monitoring and alerting for entire infrastructure
  • Collaborate with cross functional teams to manage code releases
  • Participate in the process of strategic project-planning meetings
  • Install and configure solutions, implement reusable components
  • Enforcing standard practices for platform operations
  • Tuning existing applications and platforms for better performance and resilience

What makes you a great fit:

  • 3+ years experience in DevOps with good fundamentals in Computer Science, Good Scripting skills
  • Expertise in at least one cloud platform AWS or GCP
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes or other container orchestration tools
  • Experience in coding and programming with Golang or Python
  • Experience in continuous integration and deployment using Github Actions,BitbucketPipelines or Jenkins
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code such as Terraform,Cloud-formation or Crossplane
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting platforms in production such as Datadog,NewRelic,Prometheus or Grafana
  • Experience with configuration management systems such as Ansible, Chef or Puppet
  • Knowledge on Security and Networking Concepts
  • Basic knowledge on DBMS

If you get to join us, what you get in the process would be Invaluable opportunities to solve global problems with your talents and work with some of the most experienced software architects in the Indian IT industry and get mentored by them.